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Easy Wood Joinery

Knowing Easy Wood Joinery

Generally, the more difficult the joint, the stronger it is. That’s why they’ll use early on in the planning stages when woodworkers decide on the joints.

Here are some sampling of popular joints, some simple but some more difficult.

Butt Joint. A simple joining of two pieces of wood. Either at a corner or edge to edge, make it stronger with glue blocks or screws.


Dado Joint. You will see this joint on bookcase shelves. A dado cut in one piece receives the end of the other.


Dowel Joint. Drill aligning holes in each piece of wood. Then the glue dowels in place for a tight joint. Perfection requires a centering tool.


Lap Joint. Add gluing surface and strength to a butt joint by cutting a rabbet in the overlapping piece.


Miter Joint. Create this corner joint by sawing one end of each piece to 450, and it demands accurate cutting.


Mortise-and-Tenon Joint. A strong and traditional joint that can be made even tougher by adding a peg. It’s not all mortises go all the way through.


Through-Dovetail Joint. There is not a better-looking joint. Nor one that requires more patience and accuracy to cut. The interlocking feature makes it really strong but adds visual interest.


Tongue-and-Groove Joint. This joint allows for wood shrinkage, and cut a groove in the edge of one piece and a tongue on the other to fit into the groove.


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